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Apply & Care

How to apply your lashes:

Step 1: Apply Mascara First:

"Curl your natural lashes and comb on a coat of mascara, creating a shelf to support the weight of your falsies." 

Step 2: Measure & Cut lashes from Outer side:

"Always Measure & Cut your false lashes from the outer side to make it your eyes size and not from the inner side to spoil its flutter."

Step 3: Add DUO adhesive:

Trace each lash band, one by one, with a thin line of Duo glue and wait few seconds for the adhesive to become sticky.

Step 4: Put THEM on: 

Using your fingers or disposable tweezers, "place your extension onto your lash-line on the outer corner first, hugging that lash line tight." For an eye-lifting effect, MK places the outer extension slightly above the natural lashline. 

"When you're placing the inner lash extension, avoid going close to the tear duct to give a little bit more width to the eye. If it's too close, it makes your eyes feel like they're narrower and even cross-eyed."


How to remove and care for your lashes:

1. Using fingertips or a pair of tweezers (pointed horizontally) gently peel off the false lashes from the outer corner.

2. Do not pull the lashes from the individual strands to avoid ripping the lashes hair off; this is important to extend the life of your lashes.

3. Alternatively, you may use a cotton swab, dab some “alcohol -free, oil-free” makeup remover along the lash band and wait a few seconds for the glue to start dissolving then start by gently pushing the lashes down until it is detached.

4. Once the lashes are removed, remove any glue residue from the band using the tip of your fingers or dab a cotton swab in “oil-free, alcohol-free” makeup remover and gently rub off remnants of the glue from the band. Do not rub the individual strands.

5. To avoid ruining the shape of your lashes always keep it away from dust and dirt. It is best to store it back in its original container.